The El Paso, Texas Virtual Reality and Experimental
Film Festival – Downtown El Paso, Texas
October 13th and 14th, 2018

The First Ever Virtual Reality Festival in El Paso, Texas.

Short virtual reality and experimental films from around the World will be shown in the first VR and Experimental film festival. There is nothing else like it. Visitors will be able to see the best Virtual Reality and experimental films over a two-day period.

These are the categories of films which will be screened:

Virtual Reality

  1. Best Virtual Reality Drama under 15 minutes
  2. Best Virtual Reality Drama over 15 minutes
  3. Best Virtual Reality Comedy
  4. Best Virtual Reality Horror/Suspense
  5. Best Virtual Reality Animated Film
  6. Best Virtual Reality Sci-Fi
  7. Best Virtual Reality Game Experience


  1. Best Experimental Short Film
  2. Best Experimental Feature Length Film
  3. Best New Media / Holographic Filn

Virtual Reality Games

  1. Best VR Mobile Game
  2. Best VR Mobile APP
  3. Best VR Computer App
  4. Best VR Computer Game
  5. Best VR Game on a Gaming Platform
  6. Best MR Game or App


Some films will be shown multiple times and will also feature a discussion panel with the directors and producers of the film as well as workshops to showcase how some of these films were made. See never-before backstage video on how these films were made!

This Film Festival pushes the boundaries of filmmaking like never before!

For more information contact: Claudio Lai – (915) 257-8470


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