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About Implied Motion - Virtual Reality Education

We are next generation virtual reality education content and software development company located in Vancouver, Canada and Sydney, Australia.
A virtual reality think tank of new concepts in augmented and virtual video production, post-production and delivery.

Immersive Virtual Reality Content

Virtual Reality education through immersive 360 2D and 360 3D content takes you to places all around the world. Visit hard to reach locations anywhere in the World in an instant. Walk through ancient monuments. Travel to remote areas and see endangered rainforests, Antarctic landscapes or even travel in space.

Engaging Virtual Reality Education Experiences

Virtual Education which engages the viewer and educates them in new ways. Interactivity in a 360 / 3D virtual World. Viewers interact with dynamic virtual reality content which displays dynamic information based on where the viewer looks or clicks in a 360 degree spherical virtual space. Viewers are engaged by the appearance of elements which can appear or disappear. Informational banners can appear or a video or audio file can played.

Multi-Plot Story Virtual Reality Immersion

360 / 3D immersive educational stories which change depending on what the viewer looks at while the story is being played. Engaging virtual reality content and virtual reality education interacts with the viewer by creating “hotspots” of interactivity. Immersive virtual reality storytelling in virtual reality creates a movie-like experience where the viewer changes the outcome of the story.

Tactile Virtual Reality Education Instruction

With the explosion of tactile virtual realty gloves and interactive 360 / 3D computer generated animations, real-time virtual lessons can be created in the trade and technical fields. Complex tasks can be remotely taught as students are able to virtually manipulate machine repairs or surgical procedures. Teachers can view a student’s actions in real-time creating valuable feedback before only available through practical labs.

Virtual Reality Education Learning Games

360 / 3D Virtual Reality mobile and desktop games which can teach students anything from basic math or spelling to complex cognitive reasoning. Immerse virtual reality games interact with viewers in real-time and can provide feedback about eye-movement, facial expressions, read heart-rates and much more. Real-time feedback to an A.I learning algorithm which changes the parameters of it’s lessons based on user feedback.

Virtual reality education Remote Learning and Interactivity

Virtual worlds of learning where students can talk and listen to other students, teachers or peers. Watch virtual seminars in real-time from any location in the World as both students and speakers interact in a virtual 360 space. Remote learning is the future and students can attend seminars and speaking engagements without ever having to leave their home-towns.

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Virtual Reality Blog

What is virtual reality? Why is it taking over the World as a new medium of teaching students.

  • Avantis Launches First Educational Virtual Reality Theme ParkAvantis Launches First Educational Virtual Reality Theme Park
    Avantis Launches First Educational Virtual Reality Theme Park Here at Avantis, we are always looking to create unique, fully immersive, and engaging ways for students to learn. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Avanti’s World, the first educational virtual reality theme park, free to all existing ClassVR users until June 30th 2021. The First Ever Educational Virtual Reality Theme Park Prior to remote learning, our ClassVR headsets were consistently being used by over a million students to deliver fully immersive and engaging lessons using virtual reality. However, as students continue to be in and out of the classroom, they aren’t able to access the headsets as they normally would, identifying a need for schools to be able to deliver this content remotely. To do this, we launched Avanti’s World; the world’s first virtual reality theme park, designed to deliver engaging VR lessons to any device with an internet connection. What is Avanti's World? Avanti’s World is a revolutionary way for students to explore hundreds of virtual reality educational experiences, all in one thrilling theme park. The first three lands are open to ClassVR users to explore, covering: Science – Super Science Land History – Trip Through Time Land Geography – Engaging Earth Land Each virtual land provides various zones and learning scenes for students to explore independently, as a group, or in a teacher-controlled environment through the ClassVR Portal. Every scene can also be explored in a web browser, through a ClassVR headset or even on a mobile… Read more »
  • Enhance Learning with Virtual Reality this British Science Week 2021Enhance Learning with Virtual Reality this British Science Week 2021
    Enhance Learning with Virtual Reality this British Science Week 2021 Each year we dedicate a week to science. British Science Week 2021 focuses on “Innovating for the future” which encourages students to celebrate science and get creative and innovative when considering science concepts such as space, atoms and everything in between.  Virtual Reality Lesson Ideas for British Science Week 2021 Many science concepts can be tricky to understand but virtual reality can help. With the use of virtual reality any science experience is possible. Students can fully immerse themselves in explorable scenes or 360-degree pictures or videos; it is the perfect way to get your students excited about science.   Why not try some of these fun and exciting lessons during British Science Week 2021? 1. Visit Mars with the Perseverance Rover  Transport all your students 300 million miles away to Mars with the Perseverance Rover, all from the safety of a ClassVR headset or web browser. Let your students explore the planet, get up close and personal with the rover and stir curiosity by asking questions related to the scene. This scene is exclusively available to everyone to access throughout March 2021. Sign-up here to get access and explore with your students.  2. Explore the Human Body & Visualise Molecules  Inspect the brain, an eye or even a red blood cell right from your hand. From Biology to Chemistry, let your students experience things they would never imagine, question the human anatomy and understand how the body works. For ClassVR users, check out the Human Anatomy 3D & Chemistry 3D playlists in the ClassVR portal.  3. Create and Upload Your Own 3D Models   An activity… Read more »
  • Encourage Collaborative Learning in the Classroom with a Multiplayer VR ExperienceEncourage Collaborative Learning in the Classroom with a Multiplayer VR Experience
    Encourage Collaborative Learning in the Classroom with a Multiplayer VR Experience 2020 saw one of the most dramatic changes to the way we teach in modern history. With countries all over the world following strict social isolation rules, students had to do much of their learning remotely. With no collaborative learning in the classroom and interactions with their fellow classmates, it is no surprise social isolation increased for many students.  Not only has isolation impacted student well-being; research also shows remote learning can often have a detrimental effect on student engagement. The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) showed that – on average – less than half of the pupils (42%) engaged in remote learning and 90% of teachers believed that students were doing ‘less or much less work’ than they would usually expect.   Deliver Collaborative Learning in the Classroom and Remotely with ClassVR One of the main challenges faced by teachers is a lack of engagement from students and a general lack of motivation. We are excited to introduce a ‘guided group sessions’ update that is available from the ClassVR Portal to help boost student engagement and motivation.   Prior to COVID, ClassVR created a shared learning experience for students. Whether they were exploring 3D models in augmented reality, discussing 360-degree pictures and videos or even diving into 3D virtual reality worlds and explorable scenes in the classroom, this was all lost when schools closed their doors.   This new feature means both students and teachers can connect and use any of the explorable scenes on the ClassVR Portal (or any of the exciting new scenes that are part of Avanti’s World), as a group, irrespective of location. Using advanced browser-enabled technology, that we call VRroom, these scenes are accessible from ClassVR headsets or any device with a web browser, perfect for remote learning.  The ‘guided group sessions’ are the first-of-their kind to encourage students to explore a virtual reality scene together – the ideal… Read more »
  • BIOLOGY – Digestive System (Student Age 9-10)BIOLOGY – Digestive System (Student Age 9-10)
    BIOLOGY: Digestive Systems (Student Age 9-10)Diamond Junior School, Nairobi, Kenya This was the learners first lesson in their Science topic – The digestive system. ClassVR helped to stir curiosity around the subject and assisted learners in identifying the different parts of the digestive system, understanding their specific functions, and knowing how the human digestive system operates, from digestion to egestion. Milyscent Mweyeri Grade 4 Class Teacher PRACTICAL SESSION During the lesson, learners were taken on a 360–degree virtual tour of the digestive system using the ClassVR headsets. The video clip was uploaded to the My Cloud section on the ClassVR portal and pushed to the ClassVR headsets, where learners got to view different parts of the system and understand their functions. The VR tour provided the opportunity for learners to visualise what they learnt in theory, all from the classroom. For example, learners were able to watch the process of bile (a yellowish-brown fluid) being produced by the liver and associating this with the fact bile aids the digestions of lipids in the small intestine. They were also able to visualise how hydrochloric acid and enzymes (called proteases) break down proteins into smaller chains of amino acids, and then, how amino acids are released into the bloodstream, transported to various cells throughout the body to repair tissue and build muscle. The learners were very curious to learn more and asked lots of questions about the structure of the digestive system. IMPACT ON LEARNING The VR experience formed the end of… Read more »
  • Avantis Launches a Free Social Engagement Tool for Student Well-beingAvantis Launches a Free Social Engagement Tool for Student Well-being
    Avantis Launches a Free Social Engagement Tool for Student Well-being We know first-hand the impact school closures are having on students worldwide and we asked ourselves, what can we do to help? Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to help create a solution to combat isolation and improve student well-being and today, we are able to make that solution available to all schools worldwide.   We’re so proud to announce the launch of VRroom, a free social engagement tool for student well-being.  What is VRroom? Free to all schools throughout 2021, VRroom uses brand-new VR collaborative technology to transport students into engaging spaces, called VRrooms to communicate as a group or even a one-on-one level. From a virtual playground or a sun-soaked beach, to a fun and exciting pirate ship or space station, students can explore and be together all from behind VRroomies, fun character-based avatars.  There’s so many VRroomies for your students to choose from, you can be a pirate, a gingerbread man, a knight, you name it! VRroom creates a much more comfortable way for students to interact, helping to boost their confidence and remove anxiety associated with video conferencing tools.   Enhance student well-being with VR technology Throughout the pandemic, 76% of parents and carers are worried their children are lonely due to school closures. Every school day, students are missing vital social interactions with their classmates, such as recess and lunchtimes, which is having a detrimental impact on student well-being. We’ve launched VRroom in a bid to combat this, by allowing teachers to bring students together into safe and engaging virtual spaces, where they can communicate and interact from anywhere with a web browser – no headset required!  It’s so simple to use and you’ll be set up in a couple of… Read more »

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Immersive and engaging lessons for students to interact with other students, peers or teachers. Our dedication to creating compelling virtual educational content experiences interactive and experiential like never before.

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Creating compelling educational content such as immersive travel videos and interactive virtual tours.

Augmented Reality Educational Content

360 / 3D Real-Time animated interactive virtual reality computer simulations and augmented reality holographic video and audio experiences.

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The development of state-of-the-art virtual reality experiences in mobile application and desktop application development. The merging of art and science.

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