The Virtual Reality Point of Interest

(POI) Lesson Creator

We are a creative group of filmmakers, musicians and artists creating unique and compelling works in Virtual Reality.

Immersive Virtual Reality Production

Virtual Reality productions and experiences through immersive 360 2D and 360 3D content creation which take you to states of awareness through unique and engaging storytelling.

Engaging Virtual Reality Production Experiences

Virtual Reality films which engages the viewer in new ways. Interactivity in a 360 / 3D virtual World. Viewers interact with dynamic virtual reality content which displays dynamic information based on where the viewer looks or clicks in a 360 degree spherical virtual space. Viewers are engaged by the appearance of elements which can appear or disappear.

Multi-Plot Story Virtual Reality Immersion

360 / 3D immersive stories which change depending on what the viewer looks at while the story is being played. Engaging virtual reality content and virtual reality productions interacts with the viewer by creating “hotspots” of interactivity. Immersive virtual reality storytelling in virtual reality creates a movie-like experience where the viewer changes the outcome of the story.

Tactile Virtual Reality Production

With the explosion of tactile virtual reality gloves and interactive 360 / 3D computer generated animations, real-time virtual reality films can be created to allow users to interact in real-time with an ongoing movie story line.

Virtual Reality Productions and Games

360 / 3D Virtual Reality mobile and desktop games which can tell stories and interact with complex cognitive reasoning. Immerse virtual reality games interact with viewers to provide feedback about eye-movement, facial expressions, read heart-rates and much more. Real-time feedback to an A.I learning algorithm which changes the parameters of a film’s story based on user feedback.

Virtual Reality Production and Interactivity

Virtual worlds of where users can talk and listen to others. Watch virtual films in groups in real-time from any location in the World live as a story unfolds. Viewers can interact and engage with others to create multi-plot scenarios in group settings.

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Immersive and engaging content for users to interact with other users. Our dedication to creating compelling virtual reality content experiences interactive and experiential like never before.

360 / 3D Virtual Reality Content Creaton

Creating compelling virtual reality content such as immersive films, artificial intelligence and interactive virtual films.

Augmented Reality Content

360 / 3D Real-Time animated interactive virtual reality computer simulations and augmented reality holographic video and audio experiences.

Virtual Reality Mobile and Desktop Software

The development of state-of-the-art virtual reality experiences in mobile application and desktop application development. The merging of art and science.

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