This is the first film of its kind. It will be produced and distributed in multiple ways.

– As a 2D regular film.
– As a 3D film.
– As a 3D / Holographic and Live audio experience and live experience.

The idea of the Holographic version is to screen it inside a movie theater. The first five minutes of the film will be displayed like a regular 3D film with a screen and projector and surround sound speakers. In the middle of the film, there will be introduced holographic elements over the projected film. At the end of the film the audience will be surprised by two real actors from the film acting out the last scene. The last scene will also include four musicians at the four corners of the room providing the audience with a true 360 live audio experience.

Total running time: 10 min – approx.

Project Type:
Multi-Media Short (10 minutes)

Project Stage
: Development

Shooting format and camera
: 4K / 3D Holographic

In the mid-1800s during the Mexican-American War, two young lovers from two opposite Worlds are destined to be together. One is an American Solider, the other a Mexican woman.

One paragraph synopsis
: Two cultures collide during the mid-1800’s Mexican-American War when an American Solider named Edward is wounded and recovers in a quaint Mexican farmhouse. There he meets a beautiful young Mexican woman name Moira. Under extremely difficult circumstances, they fall in love and are remarkably keep in touch even though they are separated by many miles.

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