At a time when television and online media appears to be more focused on staying healthy and eating well. The awareness of using modern medical techniques to combat or fight off disease is highly publicized on television and online but at the same time, there is still a profound lack of knowledge when it comes to the benefits of natural products, exercise as well as holistic approaches to health, mind/body and integrative medicines.

These “whole person” approaches to health and well-being are no longer “new age fads,” but clinically proven techniques to a longer and healthier life.

“Healthy Tips” will showcase these modalities like never before. In a similar vain to “Anthony Bourdain’s: Parts Unknown” televised on CNN. This series will breakthrough the barriers of normal documentary-style production and provide a real world, entertaining and engaging
in-depth examination into various natural therapies to inspire and educate viewers of all generations.

“Healthy Tips” will be produced from the same creators who produced “Healthy Living” a PBS television series starring Jane Seymour.

For the past thirty years, the team behind “Healthy Tips” the television series has created over two hundred television programs on natural, integrative and alternative therapies. From the creation of the educational “Step By Step Guide” to natural therapies video series, which has been sold World Wide to school and libraries to the recent creation of an award winning virtual reality film for NASA.

“Healthy Tips” is a new series which will break new ground in television production with the understanding of creating a broad reach into the various markets of television consumption (PBS), episodic programming onto online distribution channels and networks. (Roku TV, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu) as well online microfilm distribution (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) iQiyi (China) and Hotstar (India.)

“Healthy Tips” will be the first multi-language television program to also be available in 360 virtual reality and will produced in the following formats:

* 30 minute episodic (television broadcast)
* 6 minute microfilm clips (online distribution)
* 5-6 minute virtual reality clips (showcasing Tai-chi, yoga and similar modalities)
* Live video events in VR and non VR
* RokuTV and IPTV (in Europe and the Middle East)
* Mobile App / VR Mobile App Distribution
* Through the website – and its social marketing outlets.

Some of the therapies which will be included in this series are: (among others)

* Botanical medicine
* Homeopathic medicine
* Chinese medicine and acupuncture
* Soft tissue work
* Therapeutic massage
* Manipulation of muscle, bone or the spine
* Hydrotherapy techniques
* Gentle electrical impulses and diathermy
* Disease prevention and lifestyle counseling
* Mind/Body therapies
* Integrative medicine
* Ayurvedic medicine
* Natural products
* Fitness and exercise
* Mental illness

Featuring: “Healthy Tips” will also include a Celebrity host which will not only introduce each segment but will also get feedback from the “on location” hosts after they have seen first-hand each therapy or even experienced it themselves for the first time.

The idea of this program is to allow the audience to witness a host trying or finding out about a therapy alongside the audience creating a true interactive viewing experience.

Making “Healthy Tips” not just a standard interview and reporting show.

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