March 26, 2017

From virtual reality to online libraries, how technology is revolutionizing education in Grand Rapids

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"From virtual online classrooms built by such companies as Microsoft and Switch to the massive open online courses from providers like edX, Coursera and Udemy, and even distance learning programs facilitated by our own brick-and-mortar universities, the walls of modern classrooms are often anything but metaphor. While the blackboard may remain the same--although it comes in white and clear versions now, too--the substance of technology education has been significantly redesigned by the capabilities of the technology being used to educate.

"Some classrooms have integrated iPads, Chromebooks, and even makerspaces (essentially community spaces with tools) for years now, while others are just beginning to take advantage of such innovations. With updated equipment, new software and access to a library of online resources, the Grand Rapids Public Schools district is looking forward to added gains in learning this year. Explorative spaces installed at Grand Valley State University will help older students test and build the devices that tomorrow's learning environments may rely on.

"[Grand Rapids Public Schools] is currently responsible for some of the most innovative learning centers in the country. Under the superintendency of Teresa Weatherall Neal, the school district has grown up and out. The district's Innovation Central High School is anchored by its four distinct academies of modern engineering, health sciences and technology, design and construction, and business leadership and entrepreneurship, each an example of innovative technologies and techniques."

via Technology & Learning magazine

Jim Lerman's insight:

A well-reported article detailing numerous efforts underway in Grand Rapids, Michigan to integrate technology seamlessly into the local educational ecosystem and culture. If you're looking for a model where things seem as though they're being done with foresight and community spirit, this is a good place to start.

Via Jim Lerman

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