It’s a great tool for creating virtual reality interactive field trips!

Quickly and easily deploy an unlimited number of Virtual Reality (VR) lessons plans with directed point of interest (POi) actions using the INSTANT Educator VR.

Create interactive, immersive and fun 360 VR lesson plans with no programming knowledge required!

With the INSTANT Educator VR, educators can build engaging VR video playlists that trigger different outcomes. Each lesson plan’s outcome can drastically change depending on where a students looks or points. Different POi triggers can be initiated based on a specific position a student highlights inside a 360 panoramic video at a given time period.

Step One: An educator can add their own 360 videos to the system by uploading them through our dashboard. They can even select from numerous pre-recorded 360 videos from our library such as:

– A Desert Landscape
– City Buildings
– A Park
– The Beach
– Zoo Animals
– The Airport
– A School
– A Shopping Centre
– A Restaurant
– A Freeway
– Even Outer Space

Step Two: An educator places the 360 video into new lesson plan playlist. Using the INSTANT Educator VR “XYZ helper guide”, an educator determines what coordinates in the 360 video to trigger an event and at what time frame. For example, an educator could determine they wish to trigger loading a second 360 video if a student looks at a doorway. This POi trigger could even reload the same video or even play an audio file or show an image.

There is no limit to amount of 360 videos an educator can add to a playlist. There are numerous simple to use POi VR creation tools included with the INSTANT Educator VR making the lesson plan creation process as easy a possible for educators.

Step Three: Educators can preview their lesson plan on any device by downloading our custom built mobile applications or VR applications available for Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. There is no special equipment required!

Step Four: An educator saves the lesson plan to a VR hardware device and prepares it for their students. Each VR lesson plan can be downloaded on as many VR devices as required. That means, the only limit to the amount of students who can participate in the lesson plan, is limited by how many hardware devices available to that educator! POi VR lesson plans only need standard WiFi to download onto each device.

Some additional included features:

  • It is also possible to broadcast in real-time a lesson plan on a SMART TV to monitor a student during a lesson plan and even share it with others
  • An educator can pre-download an entire lesson onto any device so when a lesson is being conducted no internet is required and lessons load instantly
  • Each lesson can have up to five scoring ranges depending on each POi trigger initiated by a student
  • A students head movements inside a 360 VR headset can be tracked to create a report of so that the educator can later see where that particular student was looking at during each stage of the lesson plan to help analyze a student’s performance during a lesson

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