February 7, 2017

Children’s educational toys adopt AR/VR technology to increase engagement

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Implications - To help increase interest in learning-focused products, toy brands are releasing products that integrate highly engaging augmented and virtual reality features. Increasingly accessible, this kind of technology is becoming more mainstream, more affordable and permeating more industries than ever before.

AR Pizzeria Games - Osmo's 'Pizza Co.' Helps Kids Learn Financial Literacy By Selling Pizzas

For decades, the lemonade stand served as kids’ best way to gain a sense of the entrepreneurial spirit, but Pizza Co., a game from Osmo, revolutionizes how kids can learn about both running a... [More]

Augmented Reality Piggy Banks - The 'KOGUMA' Piggy Bank Donates to Wildlife Conservation Projects

The ‘KOGUMA’ Piggy Bank is enabled to deliver users with an augmented reality experience as well as to donate funds towards wildlife conservation projects. Designed and crafted in France... [More]

Interactive AR Projectors - The 'Egger' Media Projector is Designed with Children in Mind
AR Spider Robots - 'MekaMon' is a Smartphone-Controlled Robot That Fights AR Enemies

Augmented reality is a potential boon for gaming and toys, and the new MekaMon robot is an example of how physical toys can be even more fun when they interact with virtual objects. MekaMon is a... [More]

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