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About Implied Motion - Virtual Reality Education

We are next generation virtual reality education content and software development company located in Vancouver, Canada and Sydney, Australia.
A virtual reality think tank of new concepts in augmented and virtual video production, post-production and delivery.

Immersive Virtual Reality Content

Virtual Reality education through immersive 360 2D and 360 3D content takes you to places all around the world. Visit hard to reach locations anywhere in the World in an instant. Walk through ancient monuments. Travel to remote areas and see endangered rainforests, Antarctic landscapes or even travel in space.

Engaging Virtual Reality Education Experiences

Virtual Education which engages the viewer and educates them in new ways. Interactivity in a 360 / 3D virtual World. Viewers interact with dynamic virtual reality content which displays dynamic information based on where the viewer looks or clicks in a 360 degree spherical virtual space. Viewers are engaged by the appearance of elements which can appear or disappear. Informational banners can appear or a video or audio file can played.

Multi-Plot Story Virtual Reality Immersion

360 / 3D immersive educational stories which change depending on what the viewer looks at while the story is being played. Engaging virtual reality content and virtual reality education interacts with the viewer by creating “hotspots” of interactivity. Immersive virtual reality storytelling in virtual reality creates a movie-like experience where the viewer changes the outcome of the story.

Tactile Virtual Reality Education Instruction

With the explosion of tactile virtual realty gloves and interactive 360 / 3D computer generated animations, real-time virtual lessons can be created in the trade and technical fields. Complex tasks can be remotely taught as students are able to virtually manipulate machine repairs or surgical procedures. Teachers can view a student’s actions in real-time creating valuable feedback before only available through practical labs.

Virtual Reality Education Learning Games

360 / 3D Virtual Reality mobile and desktop games which can teach students anything from basic math or spelling to complex cognitive reasoning. Immerse virtual reality games interact with viewers in real-time and can provide feedback about eye-movement, facial expressions, read heart-rates and much more. Real-time feedback to an A.I learning algorithm which changes the parameters of it’s lessons based on user feedback.

Virtual reality education Remote Learning and Interactivity

Virtual worlds of learning where students can talk and listen to other students, teachers or peers. Watch virtual seminars in real-time from any location in the World as both students and speakers interact in a virtual 360 space. Remote learning is the future and students can attend seminars and speaking engagements without ever having to leave their home-towns.

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Virtual Reality Blog

What is virtual reality? Why is it taking over the World as a new medium of teaching students.

  • COMPETITION: Test Prize Name Goes Here
    COMPETITION: Test Prize Name Goes HereFleet Primary School “This lesson took place in a nursery class of 23 children aged three to four; there is a high proportion of English as an additional language and bilingual pupils.” “Our baseline assessments demonstrate a low entry level for most children in communication and language skills; as such, we decided to incorporate as much visual and immersive learning as possible to support and accelerate the children’s language skills.” Rebecca Combes Age 3 – 4 Primary School Teacher PRACTICAL SESSION In pairs, the children looked at a photograph of some giraffes and talked about what they could see. I then introduced the headset with the track preloaded and ready to use. One child wore the headset and described what they could see using the Giraffes at Riga Zoo image. They then swapped over so their partner could see what they had been describing and talked about the image further – using descriptive language and predicting what was actually happening. IMPACT ON LEARNING The initial photograph led to some statements, such as “Look…a giraffe!” and “It’s big” but the conversations were quite limited and short, and vocabulary was not developing as a result of the activity. When the headset was introduced, the children were more stimulated to say what they could see. It led to more imaginative vocabulary, expressive statements and extended sentences. Child 1: “I can see a man, no…two mans. They are actually feeding the giraffe. There’s another man. He has a green… Read more »
  • Virtual Footprints Issue 1: Creativity When Creating Content
    Virtual FootprintsIssue 1: Creativity When Creating Content Mark Savery of Emmanuel College – a K-12 co-educational, multidenominational school of 1600 students in Queensland – takes the spotlight in Issue 1 of the ClassVR Coffee Club.  Mark has enjoyed a variety of roles throughout his Career at Emmanuel College, acting as Director of Learning and Teaching (Curriculum), Dean of Year 6; now, as Head of eLearning (P-12), Mark enjoys embracing new teaching technologies that have a demonstrable pedagogical benefit, and has been a ClassVR Pioneer for over 18 months. What brought you to ClassVR? As a College, we had been investigating Virtual Reality solutions for some time and didn’t really know the best place to start.  There are lots of VR solutions available from some of the biggest players in tech, but it was a process to determine which would best suit our educational needs.  We attended a demonstration hosted by Immersive IT, ClassVR partners in Australia. What stood out from that demo that made you move forward with our solution? At Emmanuel, we adopt technology based on its ability to enhance the learning experience for all. Whilst the demo by John at Immersive was largely focused towards the huge bank of content that ClassVR have available, we were quickly impressed by the capacity for content creation within the solution.  Class VR provided an opportunity to unlock the students’ curiosity, creativity and potential through the development of their own content using this technology. So you and the team create a lot… Read more »
  • ClassVR announced as VR Awards finalists for 2019
    ClassVR announced as VR Award finalists for 2019 The world’s first Virtual and Augmented Reality set designed specifically for schools, ClassVR from Avantis has been announced as finalists in both the VR Education and Training of the Year category and the Innovative VR Company of the Year category in the VR Awards 2019. With numerous education awards to its name, this is the first time ClassVR has entered the prestigious international VR Awards which have been created to identify outstanding achievements in VR and continue to celebrate the fantastic work of the VR industry. Recognised for its pioneering use of VR and AR in education and public sector projects around road safety and fire and rescue, ClassVR is finalist for the “Innovative VR Company of the Year”. ClassVR has also been shortlisted for its outstanding partnership with London Grid for Learning to accelerate Virtual and Augmented Reality learning in more than 3000 UK schools. LGfL is the largest community of schools in the UK, with 97% of London schools counted among their subscribers. The strategic partnership between both organisations was announced last year to give LGfL schools the opportunity to drive outcomes through Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) by using ClassVR technology. ClassVR’s work with 30 key VR champion schools to highlight best practice within the classroom was a key factor in the shortlisting in the “VR Education and Training of the Year” category. The winners of the 3rd annual VR Awards will be announced from the shortlist… Read more »
  • Inclusive ClassVR wins CODiE Award 2019
    Inclusive ClassVR wins CODiE Award 2019 ClassVR from Avantis Education has partnered with Inclusive Technology, the market leading supplier of assistive technology for special education to bring together the first virtual reality solution for special schools around the world. Special and early education is all about learning through experiences. Rather than sitting in front of a screen or printed resource, Inclusive ClassVR immerses students in spectacular 360º environments that enhance and complement their real-world exploration and play The Inclusive ClassVR solution received fantastic feedback from the judges about its effectiveness and innovation, describing Inclusive ClassVR as “A fascinating product to review. I can see some very powerful implications for student learning with Inclusive ClassVR. It is so exciting to think that a technology has the potential to help students not only achieve academic success, but also reach beyond the classroom and help students learn for success in their daily lives. Truly amazing!”  Huw Williams, Sales and Marketing Director at Avantis comments: It’s been great partnering with the team at Inclusive Technology, bringing their knowledge and expertise in the Special Educational Needs field to the ClassVR solution. To receive such a well-respected award in the first year of collaboration is fantastic and is recognition for some of the amazing applications and outcomes we’ve seen from our user schools, globally.” Read more »
  • Minecraft 3D Models
    Minecraft 3D Models Minecraft has come a long way in the last few years. Since its release in 2011 the creative ‘sandbox’ game has gone from underground, indie building simulator to worldwide creative phenomenon. While teachers will no doubt be familiar with some of the terminology by now (Creepers? The Nether? Ender Dragon?) what you might not know is that Minecraft can export 3D models. This in turn means that you can use your ClassVR headsets to view Minecraft creations in augmented reality. Firstly, it’s worth noting that there are two ways of achieving this. The easy way is only possible if you have the Windows 10 version of the game (this means you will have to download it from the app store specifically, rather than through the Minecraft website – don’t make the same mistake that I did!) Anyone running ‘Minecraft for Windows 10’ can follow the instructions HERE. If, like me, you have an older account and are just running the standard game client, follow these steps to get your models uploaded into your personal or shared cloud on the ClassVR portal: Chris Bass Avantis Educational Specialist (UK) Start up a new game of Minecraft. This can be on any map you like, however your game must be set to ‘Creative’ mode with ‘Allow Cheats’ set to ‘ON.’ I also prefer using a ‘Superflat’ world to create models, as it makes navigation much easier, however this comes down to personal preference. When you first load into your world… Read more »

Virtual Reality News

Find our the latest news about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

  • iOS App Uses AR to Teach Kids How to Read With Confidence and Tackles Bullies in Space
    Following the success of the Pokémon Go craze, developers began to see AR in a totally different light and as a potential game-changer when it comes to content delivery. What we have been seeing in the past few years is a ramping up of effort in AR development with studios coming up with increasingly useful AR apps that could be put into more practical uses beyond the gimmicks. Beyond gaming, entertainment and retail applications, augmented reality is also being used as a storytelling medium. One of the coolest AR storytelling apps to have emerged recently is Wonderscope which was launched last November on iOS. This augmented reality storytelling app for Apple devices has incorporated a new interactive experience to its library of immersive and educational stories. The app gets kids who are aged between 6 and 8 to enjoy reading aloud. Wonderscope Clio Wonderscope has just added its fourth story, known as Clio’s Cosmic Quest, to its library of immersive educational experiences. This experience involves helping an animated particle of stardust to stand up to a bully and then later on learn to understand and befriend them. It has a space theme but it is geared at helping kids learn how to handle bullying and to read with confidence. Clio’s Cosmic Quest will take young readers on a space voyage with a cute purple particle (that has to grapple with some bully in her nebula) and a long the way, the kids will learn about the stars, the solar system… Read more »
  • Augmented Reality Photo App ‘ReplayAR’ Allow Local Time Travel
    ReplayAR is a free augmented reality app that will save and store the physical places where you capture your visual memories (photos, illustrations, projects) and then project these memories when you visit the same place again at a later date. The app is built to allow users to time-travel back into the past whenever they bump into locations where they had captured some memories. It’s a free app and is already available for download on the App Store for iOS devices. The memories are permanently frozen on location and the user will be able to experience them days, months or years later when they revisit the same location. The moment from the past is overlaid on the real world setting where the event took place. What if you could go back to a place you visited long ago and see it exactly as it was? ReplayAR is a “global time capsule” that uses patented augmented reality (AR) technology to geocache personal experiences and then project those memories on the real-life locations where they actually happened. (PRNewsfoto/ReplayAR, Inc.) When you shoot a photo, for example, the app will save and store the GPS coordinates of the place where the event takes place. When you return to the same location, the image that you captured will be superimposed on the real background of the setting and displayed as augmented reality on the exact spot where it was taken. When you touch the digital photo that is on the smartphone display, the ReplayAR… Read more »
  • You Can Now Create Your Own Augmented Reality Filters on Instagram
    Instagram Stories filters are now a huge part of the user experience on the social media platform. You will now be able to take your Instagram stories to the next level of engagement with the social media app now allowing users to create their own augmented reality filters. The new AR feature will make use of Facebook’s Spark AR Studios public beta to allow virtually anyone to create and publish their own augmented reality effects on Instagram. Previously, the Spark AR Studios was only available to Facebook users but it is now open to everyone. Discover more augmented reality effects – or make your own! Spark AR now lets anyone create custom effects and the new Effect Gallery helps you find the perfect one. — Instagram (@instagram) August 13, 2019 The program is available on both PC and Mac and enables users to create their own unique 3D filters. It even has tools that users can leverage to synch movements, import object sounds and publish the created filters on Instagram. Spark AR involves coding but the Learning Centre has tutorials on how to code and use the 3D effects. Users will learn how  utilize the program to animate 3D objects, the scripting basics in Spark AR, debugging and much more to help them get started with the AR effects. .@Instagram officially launches its new AR Effects Library BONUS: Facebook will now let anyone create their own funky AR face filter — Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) August 13,… Read more »
  • British Airways Trialing Virtual Reality on the First-Class Cabin of its New York Route
    Passengers on British Airways’ London-New York route will now have a new and very futuristic way of passing time: virtual reality. The airline is set to trial virtual reality entertainment on its New York flights through the end of the year. Passengers will experience this immersive entertainment right from Heathrow Airport all the way to JFK Airport in New York. The VR headsets have been made by SkyLights and will enable passengers to view various kinds of immersive content ranging from documentaries to films as well as travel programs that will come in various formats including 2D, 3D and 360-degree. Passengers will also have the option to select therapeutic programs in the VR headset such as sound therapy and guided meditations. These therapeutic programs have been specifically designed to cater for passengers with a fear of flying. Trial lasts until the end of 2019 to enable British Airways to assess the system. The VR entertainment vservice will be available to select few customers flying First Class. Not all First-Class passengers on the route will get to experience that. According to the airline, the in-flight VR entertainment system will be available onboard the flight BA117 operated by Boeing 747 (with 14 seats in First Class) that departs Heathrow for New York. BA’s first-class tickets on the flight costs upwards of $8,000. It is BA’s early morning flight to JFK. According to the airline’s schedule, it departs Heathrow at 08:30, thereby giving passengers an early start. Passengers included in the VR in-flight entertainment… Read more »
  • Magic Leap One Creator Edition European Launch Date is Approaching Soon
    Magic Leap One is officially launching in Europe one year after it launched in the U.S. market. The initial shipments had been to only a few selected US cities and each order was sold with a complimentary delivery service through a partnership with a company known as LiftOff. The products were delivered to the buyer in person with delivery agent handing the products to the buyer and also assisting with the setup. Magic Leap One Augmented Reality Headset Limiting the initial shipments to six cities initially limited the reach of the devices across the US but some companies soon created a roundabout way of going about the restrictions by placing orders via a New York-based third-party company known as Big Apple Buddy which enabled buyers from anywhere in the US to order the mixed reality headsets. Like their US counterparts in the cities that were left out in the initial roll-out, buyers in Europe could only order the augmented reality glasses by also going through some costly and inconvenient workarounds. However, the Magic Leap One glasses will now be launching officially in the European market, enabling buyers there to purchase the products directly. The EU version of the product will come with a warranty and will offer buyers a safer and more convenient means of accessing the product. The European launch is already getting underway. Information on Magic Leap website shows that the company has already deposited its EU Declaration of Conformity in German, English and French. The declaration mandates… Read more »
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Immersive and engaging lessons for students to interact with other students, peers or teachers. Our dedication to creating compelling virtual educational content experiences interactive and experiential like never before.

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Creating compelling educational content such as immersive travel videos and interactive virtual tours.

Augmented Reality Educational Content

360 / 3D Real-Time animated interactive virtual reality computer simulations and augmented reality holographic video and audio experiences.

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The development of state-of-the-art virtual reality experiences in mobile application and desktop application development. The merging of art and science.

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