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About Implied Motion - Virtual Reality Education

We are next generation virtual reality education content and software development company located in Vancouver, Canada and Sydney, Australia.
A virtual reality think tank of new concepts in augmented and virtual video production, post-production and delivery.

Immersive Virtual Reality Content

Virtual Reality education through immersive 360 2D and 360 3D content takes you to places all around the world. Visit hard to reach locations anywhere in the World in an instant. Walk through ancient monuments. Travel to remote areas and see endangered rainforests, Antarctic landscapes or even travel in space.

Engaging Virtual Reality Education Experiences

Virtual Education which engages the viewer and educates them in new ways. Interactivity in a 360 / 3D virtual World. Viewers interact with dynamic virtual reality content which displays dynamic information based on where the viewer looks or clicks in a 360 degree spherical virtual space. Viewers are engaged by the appearance of elements which can appear or disappear. Informational banners can appear or a video or audio file can played.

Multi-Plot Story Virtual Reality Immersion

360 / 3D immersive educational stories which change depending on what the viewer looks at while the story is being played. Engaging virtual reality content and virtual reality education interacts with the viewer by creating “hotspots” of interactivity. Immersive virtual reality storytelling in virtual reality creates a movie-like experience where the viewer changes the outcome of the story.

Tactile Virtual Reality Education Instruction

With the explosion of tactile virtual realty gloves and interactive 360 / 3D computer generated animations, real-time virtual lessons can be created in the trade and technical fields. Complex tasks can be remotely taught as students are able to virtually manipulate machine repairs or surgical procedures. Teachers can view a student’s actions in real-time creating valuable feedback before only available through practical labs.

Virtual Reality Education Learning Games

360 / 3D Virtual Reality mobile and desktop games which can teach students anything from basic math or spelling to complex cognitive reasoning. Immerse virtual reality games interact with viewers in real-time and can provide feedback about eye-movement, facial expressions, read heart-rates and much more. Real-time feedback to an A.I learning algorithm which changes the parameters of it’s lessons based on user feedback.

Virtual reality education Remote Learning and Interactivity

Virtual worlds of learning where students can talk and listen to other students, teachers or peers. Watch virtual seminars in real-time from any location in the World as both students and speakers interact in a virtual 360 space. Remote learning is the future and students can attend seminars and speaking engagements without ever having to leave their home-towns.

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Virtual Reality Blog

What is virtual reality? Why is it taking over the World as a new medium of teaching students.

  • READING INTERVENTION: Happy Places (Student Age 11-14)
    READING INTERVENTION: Happy Places (Student Age 11 -14)Oak Run Middle School, New Braunfels, Texas We have students in our reading intervention classes, as well as English Language Learners (ELL), who struggle with test anxiety. I put together what I called a “Happy Places” lesson of places and things in the ClassVR Portal that they could visualize during the test that might help calm some of their anxiety and provide them with coping strategies. Amanda Hunt Middle School Teacher PRACTICAL SESSION The objective was for students to visit a variety of locations; from the top of a snow-covered mountain, where it’s quiet and peaceful, to a sandy beach where they could hear the ocean waves, and many things in between. I organized it by choosing my favorite calming locations and what I thought the students would also find calming and enjoyable. At the end of the lesson, they had to pick one and discuss or write about it so they would remember it for testing the following week. This process was part of the strategy in encouraging students to visualise a calming place to detach themselves from the immediate feelings of test anxiety. I chose images and videos from the ClassVR library. IMPACT ON LEARNING Students never would have been able to have this experience without ClassVR headsets and photos/videos preloaded. Describing something in words or even in a 2D image or video is nothing compared to the actual Virtual Reality experience. Students feel like they’re actually there and this cannot… Read more »
  • SCIENCE: Interconnected Systems (Student Age 10-11)
    SCIENCE: Interconnected Systems (Student Age 10-11)Knox Grammar Preparatory School, New South Wales “Throughout this Year 5 unit of inquiry on ‘interconnectedness’, students conducted an investigation into living things. They were tasked with the question, How do living things adapt to suit their changing environments? Students began by exploring rainforest biomes and conducting a research project into the different biomes found on the Earth and their similarities and differences. Students researched the human impact on different environments, made future predictions of human impact and explored how animals have adapted.” Eloise Feltham Preparatory School Teacher PRACTICAL SESSION We explained to the children that they were scientists, interested in the impact humans have on a variety of environments on Earth. They were tasked with researching one particular environment, identifying its key features and classification, and assessing the impact humans have had on that environment over time. We introduced the ARCube and explained to students that they will present their findings through the creation of an interactive ARCube. CoSpaces was used to design the different perspectives/environments on each of the six sides. Voice overs were used to incorporate English outcomes and sequencing skills. The students followed this broad outline when designing their ARCube: introduction to the rainforest environment, including four biomes and labelled plants and animals; how humans have impacted the rainforest environment; individual research of their own environment (deep sea, coral reefs, deserts etc.), identifying its unique features and outlining why it is important; explaining how the environment has been impacted by humans and/or animals… Read more »
  • Anti-Bullying in Virtual Reality
    Anti-Bullying in Virtual Reality With bullying effecting thousands of children each year and cyberbullying on the rise, why not bring anti-bullying lessons into the 21st century? Whilst technology can so often be at the centre of bullying, let’s use as a tool to help resolve it. The immersive features of ClassVR provide an ideal environment to teach empathy to students in a culturally diverse world. Our library of content contains several ready made playlists that can be used to engage students’ feelings about scenarios such as natural disasters and cultural festivals from across the globe. Student can experience for themselves what it’s like to be in a refugee camp and reflect on what life might be like for people seeking safety. They can also use some of the experiences to try and imagine what life would be like as someone who is new and perhaps worried about being in a different place. In turn, these conversations can be carefully scaffolded towards discussing similarities, difference and how we treat one another – regardless of where you are born, who you live with or what you believe in. Equally, if your school has a 360-degree camera, you could capture some roleplay of students undertaking various anti-bullying scenarios and use these to help support other students learn strategies to deal with, and ultimately overcome, bullying. In addition, CoSpaces user Weiyi has created a virtual world to test students’ knowledge and give them advice on what to do if they see of are a… Read more »
  • ENGLISH: Descriptive Writing (Student Age 10-11)
    ENGLISH: Descriptive Writing (Student Age 10-11)Hanover County Public Schools, Mechanicsville, Virginia “Prior to this lesson, students were familiar with using Google Classroom and Google Docs for digital writing. They also had several lessons throughout the school year about how to create a descriptive writing paragraphs. This was the first experience students had using the ClassVR Virtual Reality headsets and their task was to write a detailed paragraph about the day they went swimming with sharks. We reviewed the five senses and how to include three of these senses in their writing. They struggled a bit to write accurately and completely as none had ever been in the ocean with sharks before. We acknowledged their struggles to include details in their writing, then revealed that today they would get an opportunity to virtually swim with sharks!” Tamara Letter School Teacher PRACTICAL SESSION Teaching staff created three senses charts to display on the wall for students to add their insights: “What did I see, What did I hear, What did I feel?”. Students then viewed the Shark Experience through their headsets. We focused on exploring their immediate senses and being fully immersed within the moment to ensure they had lots of ideas to use after the VR experience. Following the Shark Experience, students shared their insights as they added descriptive words and phrases to our three senses charts on the wall. Then, students used these insights to add more details to their digital writing stories. In their next lesson, students worked with… Read more »
  • SPANISH: Exploring Spain (Student Age 14-18)
    SPANISH: Exploring Spain (Student Age 14-18)Stoughton High School, Massachusetts “Over the semester, we have been learning about various cultural topics of Spain and trying to embrace as much of the local culture as possible. Throughout this, we have used 2D items and photographs, but it isn’t as engaging or realistic as a 3D models and 360 imagery. Language acquisition is complex and embracing Spanish in a multi-sensory approach enables students to learn all about the culture, whilst acquiring new language knowledge.” Thomas Silva High School Teacher PRACTICAL SESSION To provide students a truly reflective, realistic and immersive perspective of Spain and Spanish culture, we used the ClassVR headsets to explore various landmarks and localities. We started off by visiting the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain and I asked the students to describe in detail the sculpture in enough detail for their partner to draw the sculpture based on their description. We then analyzed an Easter Procession, investigating the seasonal climate, geographical location and interesting local landmarks. We repeated these questions and lines of investigation for Madrid – the Street of Toledo and the Museo Nacional del Prado. We finished the lesson off by exploring a cave with a bear skeleton and asked the students to describe the place and explain what they found interesting about this to their partner. IMPACT ON LEARNING The students were able to cooperatively work together to see amazing sites and locations. The best part was having the other students want to see what their classmate… Read more »

Virtual Reality News

Find our the latest news about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

  • Yahoo News Launches Immersive News Program with the Camp Fire XR Story
    In July this year, Yahoo News announced that its app was now supporting augmented reality (AR) on some of its stories. With the app, readers could simply use their mobile devices to bring stories to life through augmented reality (AR). Yahoo seems intent on expanding on its immersive content offering. The latest manifestation of this is the publishing of an augmented reality feature christened “Rebuilding Paradise” which has been described as part of its new partner program for delivering immersive news content to its viewers. The feature takes viewers on a reconstruction process for a home that was destroyed during the deadly forest fires in Camp Fire in Paradise, CA last year. Yahoo News wants to continue experimenting with both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) news in the future. Putting the Viewer in the Middle of the Story The augmented reality feature blends multiple formats including 3D animations, tales on the soundtrack as well as family photos. The goal of the XR project is to put the viewer right in the thick of action during the California forest fire. The Yahoo AR story can be accessed on the Yahoo News App which can be downloaded on the Apple App Store with an iPhone 8 device and higher. The augmented reality format accompanies a more detailed video documentation titled “After the Fire”. In the video, users can view the home as it is being rebuilt, see the family photos as the audio from an interview that was conducted with… Read more »
  • New Terminator VR Arcade Attraction Begins at Dave & Buster’s      
    Can the virtual reality offshoot of the “Terminator: Dark Fate” deliver a much more viewing experience than the original movie? The US restaurant chain Dave & Buster’s is expanding its virtual reality arcade attraction further by offering a new Terminator experience. In the “Terminator: Guardian of Fate”, players can beam the VR film and immerse themselves into the Terminator universe with the Vive headset before or after munching some delicious greasy snacks at the restaurant. Terminator VR Arcade Like the other Dave & Buster’s virtual reality experiences, this VR attraction is more of a rollercoaster ride than an actual VR game. A maximum of four visitors can put on their virtual reality headsets and sit on the chairs that are mounted on a hydraulic platform. The platform will subsequently move in congruence with the virtual reality images. Players can drive or shoot their way through various familiar scenes from the movie while simultaneously fleeing from the Terminator himself. The VR trip will be accompanied by Sarah Connor who is voiced by the original actress Linda Hamilton. For long-term motivation, weapon upgrades and additional levels will be added to the experience in the future. Dave & Buster’s Rendezvous with Virtual Reality The Dave & Buster’s restaurants are slot-packed and have been offering virtual reality experiences since June 2018. The chain has a total of 130 locations in the US. Jurassic World at Dave & Busters Delivering VR rollercoaster as a platform The Terminator VR Trip was created by VRStudios and this… Read more »
  • The Experimental VR Physics Shooter Game Boneworks to be Released on December 10th
    The physics-based shooter “Boneworks” could be the highlight of the year for fans who love virtual reality shooting games. The Stress Level Zero’s physics-based shooter is launching on December 10th on PC VR headsets. Boneworks The studio, which is also behind Duck Season and Hover Junkers, and teased the physics-based puzzle shooter game early this year. The game leverages Valve’s grip-sensitive ‘Knuckles’ controllers. The developer has since released a number of video updates that offer users insights into the progress of the development of the game that has since generated a lot of buzz in the community. Stress Level Zero creator Brandon Laatsch posted a tweet yesterday announcing that the official release date for the experimental immersive experience will be on December 10th. #Boneworks will be out December 10th, 2019! — Brandon J Laatsch (@BrandonJLa) November 8, 2019 The sandbox-based experience is set within the Artificial Intelligence operating system, Myth OS, of the Monogon Industries. Players in the experience are tasked with navigating dynamic environments, getting into the physics-based combat as well as in solving various complex puzzles with the use of various tools and weapons such as blades, guns, anomalous physics weapons as well as experimental energy weapons. Players will leverage Valve’s force-sensitive Knuckles controllers in handling the weapons, tools as well as environment however they like instead of automatically snapping to the pre-determined positions. There is a realistic IK body system that creates a deeper level of immersion by offering the player limbs which bend and react… Read more »
  • Godzilla VR Experience to the Hollywood Bowl in London
    Japan’s Bandai Namco Entertainment is bringing the Godzilla VR experience to London. The virtual reality experience will be available at the Hollywood Bowl, O2. This is the company’s second-best known VR arcade brand after the Mario Kart experience. Godzilla VR Experience in London Godzilla VR is a VR arcade attraction that was launched about one year ago at the Osaka VR Zone arcade. Initially, it was launched just for the Japanese market with very low expectations as to its growth prospects. One year down the line, the arcade experience has defied all expectations and is now coming to the “Hollywood Bowl” in London with the possibility of further roll out in other locations. In Godzilla VR, up to four players will assume the role of helicopter pilots that have to fend off Godzilla’s attack on Tokyo. At the helm of the helicopters, players must dodge the attacks from the monster and shoot back until they reach a point where they will have to shoot a supercock directly into Godzilla’s mouth. In Godzilla VR users can fly right past Godzilla There is a motor chair with a helicopter flight feel The VR helicopters are controlled by two joysticks that are on the left and the right of the armrests of a physical hydraulic chair as seen above. The chair tilts precisely to match the maneuvers of the helicopter thereby conveying a very realistic helicopter flight feeling as you stave off the attacks by the monster on the terrorized Tokyo city. Bandai… Read more »
  • New Rocket League x Monstercat Music Pack Now Available on Beat Saber
    Beat Saber has released a new music pack featuring six new songs along with a custom environment that has been inspired by Rocket League. Beat Saber Rocket League Music Pack The newest addition was released on November 7th for the breakout virtual reality game which has been a huge hit with many VR enthusiasts worldwide: the Rocket League x Monstercat Music Pack. The six new songs included in the latest track include the following:- “PLAY” by Tokyo Machine “Glide” by Stephen Walking “Test Me” by Slushii & Dion Timmer “LUV U NEED U” by Slushii “Shiawase” by Dion Trimmer “ROCK IT” by Tokyo Machine The new songs are now available individually for $2. You can also purchase them as a package on the Oculus Store (for Quest and Rift), on Steam or in the PlayStation Store. The Music Pack is a product of the collaboration between the Canadian independent label Monstercat and the development studio Psyonix which is behind the successful car-ball game Rocket League. For $8.99, you can have the whole package of six songs. Users can also listen to the songs individually either on YouTube or on Spotify. Beat Saber is Planning Support for Custom Songs In early October, Beat Games released the “Panic! At the Disco” Music Pack. Before that, the studio had released the “Imagine Dragons” Music Pack. The free songs were last released at the end of August with the OST 3. This December will also see the release of a new 360-degree game mode… Read more »
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